Our Range of Products

    PVC Insulated Unsheathed Single Core Aluminium Cables for fixed wiring

    PVC Insulated, Sheathed Twin core Flat Aluminium Conductor Cables

    PVC Insulated, Sheathed With Aluminium Conductor 3 & 4 Core circular (Round)

    PVC Insulated & PVC Sheathed Three core flat (Submersible Cables) confirming to IS 694

    FR PVC Insulated Unsheathed Copper Conductor Single Core for Fixed Wiring

    PVC Insulated (Unsheathed) Copper Conductor Heavy Duty Cable

    PVC Insulated, Sheathed Copper conductor Twin Flat, Two Core & Three Core circular (Round)

    PVC Insulated, Copper cond. Flexible Twin Twisted & Parallel Twin


    PVC Insulated, (Unsheathed) Single Core Flexible Copper Conductor

    PVC Insulated, Sheathed Three Core Round Copper Conductor with PVC Insulated, Cotton Sheathed        Cotton Braided

    Telephone Wire & PE Insulated, Sheathed co Axial Cables

    PVC Rigid conduit confirming to IS 9537 (Pt. 3)

    PVC Pipes (for electrical use)

    PVC Fittings (for electrical use)


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